The mission of the Enterprise Center at Plymouth, is to provide the resources necessary to facilitate, accelerate and incubate the growth of its member businesses and to foster economic development throughout Grafton County and New Hampshire.

Partnership with PSU

One of the greatest assets the ECP has at its disposal is the relationship with and involvement of Plymouth State University, its faculty, staff, and students.  The PSU College of Business Administration is an accredited business school, recognized as a leader in the field.  Business and finance to sales and marketing are all areas of concentration within the College of Business Administration, preparing students for business careers.

One Bridge Street

Completed in September, 2013, the physical building that is the Enterprise Center, located at One Bridge Street, Plymouth,  is a state of the art business facility.  This “smart” building is outfitted with all of the features that starting and growing businesses could need to compete in a global economic environment.  The layout/design of the office spaces are such that growth and movement are easy and encouraged.  The shared spaces, such as the 24 person conference room, the purpose-built focus group room, the convenient kitchen and break space and reception area are all benefits not offered in typical rented office space.  And, of course, the technology in the building is leading edge, allowing companies that enter the program to focus on building their business, not their office networks.


The ECP is much more than a collaboration between GRDC and PSU. It is a community-centered, privately-supported, economic development tool. An immeasurable asset to the center is the private sponsorship and support offered to it and its members. Pro bono and low-cost professional services are available to assist those member businesses when and where they need it. Legal, financial, marketing, sales, and strategic planning partners have offered their services to the members as they understand that the growth of their small businesses is an economic driver for the region as well as a source for future business. The ECP’s corporate partnerships are making a difference every day.