Narrative1 is proud to be one of the company partners with the Enterprise Center at Plymouth. Our community is one of the main reasons why we have been able to succeed to the level we have.

One of the company’s main values is working towards raising the standard of living in the town and the state where it is located. By employing excellent professionals, Narrative1 gives back to his local community and partnership with Plymouth State University. At the same time, with a strong commitment for continuous innovation, Narrative1 aims to improve the larger community of appraisers and their industry around the world.

Narrative1 provides the no.1 most used customizable software solutions to appraisers, lenders, and assessors that allow easy and high quality automation of the reports creation process together with better access to comps.

Narrative1 was founded in 2010 by Thomas Armstrong (MAI), who combined his almost 30 years of appraiser’s experience with his computer programming knowledge to develop an automation software for commercial appraisals.

Narrative1 is looking at the future with enthusiasm and confidence. Its clients are located all over the continents within the short four years of company existence. In order to achieve even higher goals, Narrative1 is in the process of building more important relationships.

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